Puffin Presidents


We're not simply providing a plan; we're setting out the framework to steer and construct a community-centric, world-leading Web 3.0 brand.
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    Phase 1

    • Twitter & Discord launch
    • Website Release
    • Create the $THC token
    • Dox the team
    • Release 4,420 Puffin Presidents

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    Phase 2

    • List on Magic Eden & OpenSea
    • List official rarities
    • Add Matrica for holder verification
    • Recruit additional Alpha Hunters
    • Launch staking for holders
    • Innovative, gamified auctions & raffles start using $THC token
    • Launch of exclusive G420 DAO

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    Phase 3

    Raising awareness and increasing our global reach through the following:

    • IRL hotbox meet up to strengthen the connections within our community, while staying informed of latest trends
    • Merch released
    • Booth at cannabis festival to reach an audience outside of the usual NFT space
    • Booth at NFT conference to keep informed of latest trends,and network with others in the NFT community